Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request funding through StartupStock?

Any US employee who works or has worked for a private company and has vested stock options worth at least $5K can submit to receive a funding offer.

When should I request a stock option funding offer?

If you have recently left a startup or are considering leaving, we encourage you to request a FREE stock option funding offer.

How much does StartupStock charge?

Once a stock option financing offer is accepted, the only time you will ever pay us is after a successful liquidity event at your company such as an IPO or acquisition. We take on the risk on your equity and you enjoy the upside. In exchange, we ask for a % of your stock plus a return of the original investment.

How does the funding process work?

In order to receive your stock option funding offer, you'll be asked to provide us with basic information about yourself, number of vested stock options, and strike price. We'll then schedule a quick call to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. If we agree on a funding offer, a contract is sent over within 24-48 hours. Once signed we can wire funds in 24-48 hours.

Our funding contract is intended to avoid violating common transfer restrictions. Importantly, the contract does not require you to transfer shares to us unless and until by definition the transfer restrictions have been lifted (for example, in an IPO).

What documents do I need to provide?

To start the funding process, you'll be asked to provide us with your option grant notice, your stock option plan, and proof of your vested stock options. You'll also be asked to agree to a credit and background check. Once you receive the required funding, you'll be asked to provide proof of option exercise.

Vested option funding is done through a contract: cash today in exchange for a fixed number of shares in the future when the shares become transferable (for example, after an IPO or other liquidity event.

How does StartupStock decide whether to fund me?

Our team of startup experts will analyze each potential opportunity and do our best to provide every employee with the funding they need to exercise their stock options risk free.

We currently only provide our stock option funding or exercised stock liquidity programs to US based employees of venture backed companies that have raised at least 25 million dollars.

What happens after receiving funding?

Once you receive funding from us, you'll be able to exercise your stock options and become a shareholder of the company you've helped build. You'll be required to provide evidence of the stock option exercise and keep us updated on any relevant information you receive regarding your stock, particularly liquidity events at your company.

What is a liquidity event?

A liquidity event is an acquisition, merger, initial public offering (IPO), or any other event at your company that allows shareholders to cash out a portion or all their shares.

What happens after a liquidity event?

Following a successful liquidity event, you'll be required to repay the funding amount you received with and distribute a portion of the proceeds (in either cash or shares) to us based on the agreed upon terms of the funding contract.

What happens if my company never has a liquidity event?

If my company never has a liquidity event or my shares end up being worthless, you will not be required to pay us back. We write off the funding contract and you never come out of pocket for a penny.

Who will have access to my financing information?

Your participation in our stock option funding program is under the strictest confidentiality. Neither your name nor other identifying information will ever appear publicly on our platform.

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