Unlock liquidity & value from your startup stock shares and options.

We are a team of startup equity experts focusing 100% on helping startup employees & executives understand how to unlock the real value of their stock options and shares.

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Reasons to exercise your stock options

  • Get More Now

    Exercise your startup stock options without paying out of pocket. Employees use StartupStock to help exercise their vested options and cover the taxes associated with exercising the stock.

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  • No more waiting

    With our options, we will help you access the liquidity you need for that new house, take the vacation of your dreams, or just diversify a concentrated stock position.

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  • Quicker and easier

    We can complete most financing deals within 48-72 hours depending on the company. We guide you all the way through and advise what's best for you and your situation.

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Why start up stock?

  • Simple to use

    Our loans are Non-Recourse. This means the only collateral you need is your shares.

  • No payback

    If your stock turns out worthless, StartupStock takes the loss. No need to ever pay us back a dime.

  • Risk free, really

    We assure you, none of your personal assets are ever at risk. We protect your investments.

Exercise your stock options with zero out of pocket costs or access liquidity from your exercised stock.